UNIF = Ur Not In Fashion! You don’t wear UNIF clothes. You rock them. A favourite of celebs like Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens, UNIF Clothes may have an underground grunge aesthetic, but they are leaving some mainstream brands in the dust. UNIF clothing has been heavily influenced by the music and culture of Los Angeles. Their influences include grunge and death metal, as well as the underground electronic music scene. Tops and tees are perfectly shredded for an ultra-worn vintage rock look and feel. T-shirts are printed with quirky, tongue in cheek quotes that have been seen all over the world in fashion magazines and celebrities. UNIF’s fashion-forward designs are constantly making waves in both the online and offline fashion community. At Spoiled Brat, we bring you UNIF clothing to the UK. UNIF fashion at spoiled brat, features a collection of contemporary inspired women's clothes, which features iconic famous graphic Tees as well fashion forward silhouettes. We have the famous UNIF Dress, and UNIF Dresses, UNIF tops and also lots of UNIF clothing in our UNIF Clothing Sale, Expect edgy details, bold prints and plenty of cheeky slogans, in our UNIF clothes shop.