Whether city-slicker, festival fanatic or school attendee, we live in a 9-5 world where fashion reigns supreme. A short, overcast train journey from the now Spiral HQ in Watford to central London in early 2013 caught the eye and imagination of a very small group of young, fashion minded guys. A 30+ carriage of people varying in ages and backgrounds were each sharing this commute, and two things immediately stood out. Firstly, almost all were passengers carrying a form of luggage and draping even more over their arms, seats and shelves (anyone who’s made a rush hour London commute will know what we mean…); and secondly, a distinct lack of colour, on an already dreary weathered London day!

In a world so openly consumed with style and practicality, it had seemed that we had exhausted all style options - this, Spiral, thought, had to change…

Discussion quickly turned to excited impulse. Talk of a backpack that met a very simple criteria; quality construction, widely affordable and above all else reintroduced unique design moved in days from whatsapp-led discussion, to moodboards, sampling and prototypes and … fast forward to November 2013, the very first, 10 bag Spiral backpack range.