Youth Angst Style Fashion

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    You can rock the Youth Angst style fashion with our fun range of clothing inspired by the 90s, and grunge style. At Spoiled Brat we have a fun range of youth angst and teenage angst style fashion, from brands like The Ragged Priest and Minga London. From Olivia Rodrigo to Machine Gun Kelly, teen angst fashion is back in a major way.
    Low-rise jeans & tube tops aren't the only early 2000s trends being revived. Along with Y2K style, nostalgia from the pop punk era of the late '90s and early aughts is having a renaissance, bringing back plaid mini skirts, fingerless gloves, graphic tees, and messy-on-purpose eyeliner. Similar to its early 2000s origins, pop punk fashion is heavily influenced by music of the same style. Back in the day, genre icons Avril Lavigne, Green Day, Paramore, and Fall Out Boy brought grunge from the radio to the red carpet with their rebellious styles and sound. Now, with the astronomical rise of Olivia Rodrigo and her early 2000s-inspired pop punk hit and music video Good 4 U, along with other modern artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, the genre and its accompanying style has found its way back into mainstream media. Playfully nonconformist and delightfully disheveled, here is how our favourite celebrities and influencers are taking pop punk style into the new decade.