Plush Apparel

Plush Apparel Fleece Lined Studded Beanie Hat
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£54.99 GBP
Plush Apparel, all the way from the USA is a quirky collection of womens' accessories and apparel launched in 2009. Plush designer, Jennifer Kim saw a gap in the market for a fun collection of womens accessories, due to years of wearing boring tights and dull accessories. Plush are a cozy staple, for all girls winter chic wardrobes with the aim of "staying warm and stylish". Plush Apparel's collection of Plush fleece-lined hats, Plush fleece lined leggings, Plush scarves, and Plush gloves are the perfect combination of cozy and cute and have a huge celebrity following, from Nicky Hilton to Taylor Swift.