Happiness Brand

Happiness Brand was founded in 2007, in a pursuit to find Happiness. Happiness Fashion is an Italian clothing label, with an LA edge (and influence) to it, with the aim of spreading happiness around the world. The collection features graphic printed onto casual wear, influenced by current news, music, and gossip. The Happiness collection has quickly caught on and gained a huge cult following. The label's original motto 'Happiness is a $10 tee' remains the unofficial lifestyle concept behind this revolutionary brand. 
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Happiness Brand Amour Oversized Scarf
£24.99 GBP
£74.99 GBP
Happiness Brand Happiness Flame T-Shirt
£19.99 GBP
£49.99 GBP
Happiness Brand Heart Couture Embellished T-Shirt
£24.99 GBP
£64.99 GBP
Happiness Rock N Roll Heaven and Hell Gloves
£9.99 GBP
£29.99 GBP