English Girl

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English Girl Houdini Cape Mini Dress
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 English Girl English Girl Goes is a new concept British brand, established in 2003, which has a vintage look, with a rock edge to it. It could be described as 'Balearic Rock & Roll Glamour' English Girl has a fun, free spirited style, which has been heavily influenced by the 60's style and fashion. Every season, the "English Girl" goes to a new destination, which they then use to inspire their signature textile (the Chatsworth Acid) This unique concept sets English Girl out from other brands, with each season the new destination is influenced by this exciting location. The brand has been built by Michelle Mullins, who brings 18 years worth of experience in the fashion industry, variously as head of design and a design consultant in trend and colour, for some of the best indies and most successful high street fashion houses in the country. Inspired by her love of music and fashion, Michelle wanted to put her experience of building brands into practice. English Girl Goes, offers a full range of tops, dresses, playtime suits, bottoms, soft jackets, knits, soft shoes and now includes swimwear