Designed by the popular fashion brand Queen of e.vil, the collection of e.vil clothing we feature here at Spoiled Brat reflects some of the brands most revered and their unique qualities. The theme behind the brand is based on ironic contradictions and it often produces a range of controversial clothing that breaks boundaries in the fashion industry. Over many seasons, e.vil clothing has become a fan favourite, helping consumers feel more confident with how they look due to the unique designs that they offer. They are committed to producing innovative designs that are bursting with colour whilst retaining a fashion forward sense of direction and unruly concepts. Founder of the brand, Aimee David, has asserted herself as a well respected and highly experienced professional in the fashion industry through her bold designs and authenticity. As a result, e.vil clothing has built up a large celebrity following which has only added to the amount of exposure it gets making it more of a success. E.vil has been endorsed by many recognisable celebrity personalities such as Madonna, Paris Hilton and Katie Price have all been spotted supporting the brand by making appearances in e.vil clothing. Through its various clothing lines the brand has managed to redefine the term ‘evil’ because you don’t just wear clothes, they are an extension of you and a form of personal expression. For those with a strong, defined personality, e.vil clothing is the perfect solution to encourage you to feel comfortable in your clothes. You will find the latest collection of e.vil clothing collection of T-Shirts, Loungewear & more, here at Spoiled Brat, so make so you keep checking back to our range as we continue to update it.