Crown and Glory Becky Star Hair Charms

Colour: Silver
Sale Price£7.00 GBP


Add some festival fun to your vibe with our new Crown and Glory Becky Hair Charms! Metallic star shaped motifs available in silver or gold are applied to your locks with hair straighteners, and stay in for up to one week! Supplied on a clear plastic backing for easy adhesion.
  • Includes one sheet of approx. 25 charms (we used one sheet to create this look)
  • Directions - cut sheet into desired shape and remove white backing to leave clear plastic side.
  • Place motif side down into place and use hair straightener in sections for 5-7 seconds at a time.
  • Leave to cool then peel off plastic backing.
  • This product is MADE TO ORDER 
  • Brand : Crown and Glory

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